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Episode 60: Leading a Church in Transition, Space Crisis & Bowling Alleys

by Brandon Briscoe -

In this second interview with Pastor Tony Godfrey of Harvest Baptist Church, we hear how Harvest sold their building in faith. He walks us through how a short-term missions trip helped him to lead his congregation through a difficult transition in faith. Lastly, Tony gives us a glimpse into Harvest Iola's vision for the next four years.





Episode 59: Ministry in a Rural Setting, Reaching Families & Cornholing

by Brandon Briscoe -

In this episode we sit down with Tony Godfrey to hear how God called him to pastor Harvest Baptist Church in Iola, Kansas. We talk about the challenges of ministering in the town of Iola. We see how reaching families has become key to Harvest Baptist's outreach. Lastly, Tony shares his vision to impact the nations through biblical discipleship.



Graylon Rhys 5K & Saturday Nov 7th Classes

by Brandon Briscoe -

Hey LFBI Students,

This Saturday is the Annual GR5K and several of our classes will be pre-recorded. This shouldn't impact most students but those who attend live classes should anticipate viewing groups at Midtown Baptist Temple that morning.

God bless and good running!

Episode 58: Gregory The Great, Charlemagne & Catholic Superstition

by Brandon Briscoe -

In this second of three episodes with Pastor Greg Axe we focus our attention to two key popes leading up to the Dark Ages. We first look at Gregory the Great's approval of earlier founded Catholic doctrines of the Eucharist, Purgatory & Masses for the Dead. We see how the practice of these non-biblical doctrines opened the people of the empire to papal-based authoritarian rule. Lastly, we see how Pope Charlemagne was gifted the rule over a strategic military buffer zone from Milan to Rome after bloodshed & a falsified deed under the name of Constantine. 





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