Ep 196: 2 Peter 1, Partaking of Christ's Divine Nature, Part 1

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2 Peter 1 presents seven things the believer needs to add to their faith in order to mature in Christlike thought, behavior, and speech. The promise of Scripture is that if these seven things are applied properly, the believer will grow in fruitfulness, a relationship with Christ now, and an abundant entrance into His kingdom in the future (2 Peter 1:8-11). 

Justin Trotter of Callie Harbin Baptist Church in Villa Rica, GA joins us today to walk through this passage, expounding what it means to grow in faith, virtue, knowledge, and temperance. 

We examine these key components to fruitfully and faithfully living out the Christian life God has purposed for us as believers. In the next episode, we will walk through the last few things in this 2 Peter 1 list that the believer needs to add to their faith in order to receive a full reward at the judgement seat of Christ.



Ep 195: An Introduction to Discipleship Central

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For decades now, the churches in the Living Faith Fellowship have taken this discipleship approach very seriously - - allocating people and resources to make discipleship their priority within their local churches. This approach to ministry has resulted in more zealous and mature church members, with greater biblical proficiency and personal maturity.

With this in mind, the Living Faith Bible Institute has developed a new online resource to help pastors gain a biblical philosophy of discipleship as well as free training and coaching as their church implements discipleship. Learn more about Discipleship Central in this weeks episode of The Postscript.



Ep 194: The Baptist Influence on Religious Liberty

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Is America a Christian nation? Where do Baptists come from and what significance do they hold in the history of our nation? What does it mean to be a Baptist today in our contemporary world? 

In this episode, host Brandon Briscoe sits down with Jim Alter, pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Sidney, Ohio to ask these questions and to explore how Baptists influenced our forefathers to frame our constitution with religious liberty in mind.

Pastor Alter is co-founder and editor of the Ancient Baptist Press, and he's also the founder, curator and lecturer for a traveling exhibition called Purified Seven Times, which is devoted to educating people about the history of our English Bible. Jim is also coauthor of the book Why Baptist? The Significance of Baptist Principles in an Ecumenical Age.

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Visit to learn more about Jim Alter's ministry.

Fall Surveys and Summer Courses

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Hello Students,

Thank you for another wonderful spring semester. Our team spent a lot of energy adding new curriculum, building new policies, and providing more resources over the last semester. Please help us continue to assess what we are doing well and the areas we can continue to improve by taking your course surveys, linked in the last week of each class.

Also, we are just one day away from the beginning of the "self-paced" summer semester. Check out the course line-up here. Students love summer classes because they are so flexible. You have another week to enroll if needed, but don't drag your feet - some of these classes have size limits. 

God Bless and enjoy the beautiful spring weather,


Ep 193: What to do with Anger & Resentment

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As far as psychology is concerned, anger is perhaps the most complex and least understood human emotion. We know that anger is necessary. It's an emotion that gives us drive, it makes us competitive, and it motivates us to overcome tough situations. We know that anger can also cause turmoil. It can be explosive and cause destruction in our families, our relationships, our workplaces, and even in our churches. So how do we know when anger is appropriate or inappropriate? How should we carry anger? How should we respond to it when we feel it boiling up? How do we know when we should express anger outwardly or deal with it internally? We’ll answer these questions and many more on today’s show.

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