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Episode 6: Origins, The Gap & Conformity to Christ

by Brandon Briscoe -

In this episode Brandon interviews Pastor Sam Miles of Midtown Baptist Temple, Dean of Education at the Living Faith Bible Institute. Sam is also teaching this semester's class on the book of Genesis. In today’s segment, Sam tells us about the birth of LFBI and why it's such a valuable tool to the growth of leaders. He also starts a conversation about Genesis that picks up steam throughout this entire interview series.



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Episode 5: Antioch, Alexandria & "What Saith the Scripture?"

by Brandon Briscoe -

In Episode 5 we interview Pastor Greg Axe of Crest Bible Church and professor of Church History and Eschatology at Living Faith Bible Institute. In this episode Greg and Brandon conclude their discussion by overviewing differing doctrinal positions on Scripture exuding from three ancient cities, Antioch of Syria, Rome, and Alexandria. 



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Episode 4: Constantine the Bishop of Bishops, Nicea & a Perverted Union

by Brandon Briscoe -
In this episode Greg and Brandon discuss Constantine’s unification of the Roman Empire under his newly-founded state religion and how what first appeared to be relief to persecuted Christians gave way to further conundrums.

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In the following episode Greg & Brandon will conclude this discussion of Church History by “drawing the lines” between a key triad of ancient cities: Antioch, Alexandria and Rome.

Episode 3: Church Fathers, Roman Power & The Quest for Hidden Knowledge

by Brandon Briscoe -

In this episode Greg Axe and Brandon discuss the early church fathers, Roman authority and the growth of gnostic thought and heresy in the second century church.



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Last Chance to Sign Up for Life of Moses & Elisha

by Brandon Briscoe -

The Life of Moses & Elisha begins this Saturday. Enroll today!


An expositional study of the lives of two main Old Testament men, based on twenty stories of their ministry. This study will focus on the miracles and works of Moses and Elisha as types of the New Testament minister, as an instruction manual for those seeking to lead others in the body of Christ. The study will be primarily devotional and practical in nature as the student discovers how the lives of Moses and Elisha foreshadow the life of the minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Instructors: Sam MIles & Greg Axe

Level: Pastoral Prep

1 credit hour
Live-streamed from Midtown Baptist Temple 
Saturdays / 8am - 9:30am CST
Available online

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