Ep 162: The Ancient History of Dispensationalism

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We speak with Dr. Alan Shelby, Dean of LFBI, about the historical roots of a dispensational view of Scripture. Dr. Shelby emphasizes the key of right division in understanding the Bible, with Dispensationalism holding the right hermeneutic for a literal interpretation of the Scriptures. He highlights how Dispensationalism, which evaluates the truths of Scripture written to ourselves and others, differs from other methods of interpretation which require man-made constructions and misinterpretations of God's truth. He explores the early modern roots and heritage of current Dispensational thought, as well as the historical roots of Premillennialism (the return of Christ before the Millennium). He traces these roots back to the very disciples of the twelve apostles, marking the connection of a fellowship of believers through God's Word that has lasted through history.



Ep 161: Quiet Time and Growing in Relationship with Christ

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We speak with Pastor Kenny Morgan, professor and chair of the Foundations program at LFBI, to talk about the importance of a biblical quiet time in a believer's life. Kenny defines the term "quiet time," and emphasizes its importance in creating the true worshippers the Lord seeks. He speaks on the privilege believers have in holding a personal relationship with God, and how this time of relationship through prayer, worship, and the Word is the most essential part of a Christian's day. He gives examples of what a quiet time might look like, and goes through the warning signs, dangers, and hurdles that may be encountered through quiet time during one's walk with the Lord.



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LFBI Site Updates

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Hello LFBI Students!

You may have noticed changes to your learning environment through your myLFBI. We have simplified and streamlined the user experience to make your navigation faster and easier. You still have access to all the same things within your individual classes, but they may appear in different spots. We will be sending out a short “user’s manual” in the coming weeks to help you navigate it all. In the meantime, if you have any pressing questions, please reach out to tech support by emailing Romeo Bagunu at

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System Maintenance Beginning 5/16/2023 at 10:00PM CST

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On Tuesday, 5/16/2023, at 10:00PM CST, will be undergoing system maintenance and improvements. Once complete, site operation will be restored. Thank you.

Ep 160: Learning to Counsel Married Couples

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 Ep. 160: We interview Jonathan Kindler, professional counselor and faculty professor of biblical counseling at the Living Faith Bible Institute. God loves marriage and has made it an integral part of the health of the church. We also know that marriage can be hard and many people struggle to have joyous and fruitful marital relationships. We discuss what it looks like to counsel married couples in the church by learning to comfort hurting people while biblically confronting incongruent behaviors.

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