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Episode 17: The Acts of the Apostles, Persecution & The Hazarding of Our Lives

by Brandon Briscoe -

In this weeks episode we complete our series of conversations with Pastor Dan Reneau of Living Faith Lee's Summit. The conversation turns toward the Acts of the Apostles and the fearless examples we find in the book. Their lives provide us with great inspiration in how we should live today.



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Quizzes Due Monday at Midnight

by Brandon Briscoe -

Hello Everyone,

We just want to remind some and inform others that you have almost 10 days per lecture to answer each weeks quiz questions. Quizzes are intended to record your attendance as well as measure your comprehension of the content. All quizzes from last Saturday are due this coming Monday at 11:59pm so please don't put them off. In some classes the quizzes are worth up to 50% of the overall grade of the course.

Thank you,


P.S. If you are in Hermeneutics you don't yet have any quiz work due until the 27th.

Episode 16: Fruitlessness, Personal Examination & A Radical Ministry Life

by Brandon Briscoe -

In this weeks episode of the Postscript, Brandon continues his series of interviews with Pastor Dan Reneau of Living Faith Lee's Summit. This interview focuses on the question, "if we are fruitless in ministry, why?" We examine Jeremiah chapter one as an inspirational call to greater sanctification and radical faith.
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New Semester Underway

by Brandon Briscoe -

Hello LFBI Students,

Thanks for being understanding of the strange start to our new semester. With an ice storm in KC last weekend we had to record several of the lectures in advance and have still yet to capture lecture 1 of Hermeneutics (which will start next weekend). We should be back to business as usual this coming Saturday.

This semester we are offering our largest and most diverse course load yet. Enrollment is still open so please tell your friends who are on the fence that they should jump into an Essentials Course or a half semester course to get there feet wet.

Just a reminder, if you have questions or concerns throughout the semester, please don't forget to reach out to the teachers assistant first (listed on each syllabus). Help yourself now by establishing a routine that you can stick to. Students that don't have a routine often start strong but finish poorly. Also, seek accountability among friends and peers who are taking the same classes you are. Most importantly, have fun and find ways to use the content you are learning to glorify God.

Have a blessed semester,

The LFBI Team

P.S. If you haven't yet, please follow our Facebook page for regular announcements.

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