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by Brandon Briscoe -

Check out our Summer course line-up. Classes will begin May 29th and run through Aug 7th.

SUMMER SELF-PACE MEANS - - these classes will be ONLINE ONLY. Student learning will be self-guided. Each lecture and quiz taken, unlocks the next lecture and quiz. This allows the student to pace themselves through the content at their own convenience. All major projects and assignments can be submitted at any time between the dates of May 29th & Aug 7th. All assignments have a hard due date of Aug 7th.

Intro to OT 2 (C. Best) - 16 wks/2 credits

Intro to NT 1 (C. Best) - 16 wks/2 credits

Speech & Reasoning (K. Morgan) - 8 wks/1 credit

Sevens (S. Miles) - 8 wks/1 credit

Romans (G. Axe) - 16 wks/2 credits

Foundations 2 (D2 Part 1) (K. Morgan) - 16 wks/2 credits

Foundations 2 (D2 Part 2) (K. Morgan) - 16 wks/2 credits

Ep 77: Politics, Polarity & the Crucified Life

by Brandon Briscoe -

In this episode we recap the LFF’s 2020 Certainty Conference morning sessions with Pastor Alan Shelby. We address what it means to live the crucified life in a politically charged society.



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