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Update Your Profiles

by Brandon Briscoe -

Hey all,

As we come into the next semester, please make sure you update you profiles with the relevant information: current photo, church you attend and a very short bio of your life and ministry.

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Episode 64: Happiness, Betty Crocker & The Illusion of Purpose

by Brandon Briscoe -

In this episode we speak with Pastor Brian Clark of Crossroads Baptist Church about happiness. We discuss the elusiveness of happiness when it’s made life's ultimate goal. Brian opens the Bible on this topic revealing how truer happiness is a byproduct of a walk with God.



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Classes start next Saturday! Enroll today!

by Brandon Briscoe -

Check out the new classes for spring 2021! Below are links to enroll for each class.

Intro to New Testament 2 // Bible Essentials // 2 credits (C. Best)

Systematic & Dispensational Theology // Bible Essentials // 2 credits (A. Shelby)

The Eschatology of Daniel & Revelation // Bible Essentials // 2 credits (G. Axe)

Pastoral Procedures // Pastoral Prep // 2 credits (S. Miles)

Youth & Children's Ministry // Pastoral Prep //  2 credits (C. Best)

Speech & Reasoning // Pastoral Prep //  1 credits (K. Morgan)

The Life of Christ // Pastoral Prep // 2 credits (B. Wood)

Discipleship 2: Essentials for Leadership (Spring) // Foundations // 2 credits (K. Morgan)

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