Enrollment for Summer Self-Paced Courses

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Enrollment for summer courses is open. Living Faith Bible Institute will be offering the following courses in a self-paced format.

Freshman Orientation (1 credit)
Foundations 1 (2 credits)
Foundations 2 (2 credits)
Foundations 3 (2 credits)
Introduction to New Testament 2 (2 credits)
The Gospel of Matthew (2 credits)
The Life of Christ (2 credits)
English Grammar and the King James Bible (1 credit)
Sevens (1 credit)
The Biblically Principled Church (1 credit)
World Religions & Cults (1 credit)

All summer courses are self-paced, meaning that students have 11 weeks to complete all the lectures, quizzes, and assignments. All work is due on August 3rd at 11:59 pm CST. 

Ep. 186: How to Build a Biblical Counseling Ministry in Your Church

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Therapy and psychoanalytic forms of counseling are a billion dollar industry in the United States. There are millions of Christians every year who are looking for help with their emotional and behavioral problems from non-Christian counselors. These are people who have no biblical interest or spiritual insight and are in fact in many cases hostile to our faith. Even Christian counselors are often not biblical in their approach, and and sometimes encourage their counselees to deconstruct their faith and train them and teach them to deflect their issues back onto the church - the church that maybe has loved them and cared for them over the years but somehow has become a problem. There are many Christian counselors who practice in this manner.

Counseling as an industry itself is intended to self-perpetuate by keeping people locked into normalizing their problems so that there is no way of having absolute victory over reckoning things in their life and finding the solution they need.

Today, we want to ask the questions, "what if the church reclaimed its responsibility to counsel the hurting people within their churches?" and, "what if the local church was trained and prepared to receive the hurting, and no longer had to refer hurting congregants outside of the church to find help.” We've invited professional counselor and faculty professor of biblical counseling at Living Faith Bible Institute, Jonathan Kindler, to sit down with us and to have a conversation about what it looks like for the church to take back the role of counselor. Specifically, we discuss both the need for the church to counsel its own members together with a Bible principle guided framework for doing so.



Ep 185: The Cupbearer & Genuinely Supporting Your Pastor

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In every church in America, there are members who have opinions about how the church ought to be managed. Many times, members find themselves disagreeing with leadership. All too often, it is associate pastors who find themselves at the sharpest of odds with their head pastors. The effects of disjointed relationships in leadership can be devastating. 

Today we sit down with pastor Kenny Morgan, Chair of the Foundations Department at Living Faith Bible Institute and author of The Cupbearer: A Guide for Associate Pastors and Church Leaders. Pastor Kenny shares his story of how he gained a burden that resulted in the writing of his new release (by Living Faith Books, link below). We discuss how church leaders and associate pastors can biblically support their leaders, parsing out the difference between the "yes-man" attitude and genuine Spirit-led support of the head pastor.



System Maintenance, 2/8/2024 at 10:00PM CST

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On Thursday, 2/08/2024, at 10:00PM CST, will be undergoing system maintenance. During this maintenance, the site will not be available. Once complete, site operation will be restored. Thank you.

Ep. 184: Unknown Missionary Henry Martyn

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We continue our unknown missionary series with Professor of Missiology James Fyffe. This time we trace the conversion and missions work of Henry Martyn (1781-1812). Henry left a life of comfort and ease in the West to labor for 6 short and meaningful years in the work of Bible translation and evangelism. His legacy is felt most today from the Middle East all the way through India where his Bibles are still being used for gospel and discipleship-centered church planting movements. Henry shows us believers what it means to burn bright for the Lord Jesus Christ, heeding the call to world missions.



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