Ep. 199: Preparing to Plant a Church in Nairobi, Kenya

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This week on The Postscript, Provost of Living Faith Bible Institute, Brandon Briscoe, interviews Myles Cheadle who is currently (2024) raising support to go as a missionary-pastor to Nairobi, Kenya. Myles shares his testimony of salvation and how God has prepared him in ministry at Midtown Baptist Temple in Kansas City, MO. We then discuss how he became aware of the mission field in Nairobi and how God opened his heart to going. 

Myles and his family are currently raising support to move to Nairobi, Kenya to shepherd a growing body of faithful believers. Along with his wife, Myles intends to transition to Nairobi full time in January 2025.

Ep. 198: What is the Unpardonable Sin?

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In a Christological understanding of this concept, Christ shed his blood and rose from the dead in order to suffer in our stead and relieve us of the consequences of hell (1 Cor. 15:1-4, Ro. 6:23, Ro. 10:9-10, Col. 1:13-14) . In his grace and mercy, he pardoned our sin (Eph. 2:8-9, Ro. 11:6).

Now, in some Christian circles, there are some that hold to the idea that there is a sin that is so terrible that it is deemed unpardonable. They believe that to commit this sin will cause you to lose your salvation or perhaps prohibit you from ever receiving it. The problem is, among those that believe in the unpardonable sin, they can’t all agree on what it is, which makes it even scarier. Its ambiguity makes it feel like you are in a constant state of danger - walking through a minefield at night, hoping you don’t misstep because it might cost your eternity. This is obviously a topic with serious repercussions, so we have to know what the Bible is saying on this subject.

To help us better understand what the Bible says about the unpardonable sin, we have invited Dr. Chris Best, missiology instructor to have a conversation with provost of Living Faith Bible Institute, Brandon Briscoe, on this important topic regarding biblical soteriology.  

LFBI Mark Trotter Memorial Scholarship - Applications due by June 30, 2024!

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There are only a few days left to apply for the LFBI Mark Trotter Memorial Scholarship. Applications are due in a few days by June 30th and can be found here

The Mark Trotter Memorial Scholarship is intended to identify young preachers, teachers, and leaders who share Mark’s character, values, and passions and provide them with a biblical education to support their growth. Every year, prior to the fall semester, a recipient will be granted a full scholarship upheld through the completion of the Living Faith Bible Institute degree. Students who believe they are called to the pastorate or the mission field are encouraged to apply. All students who are recommended by their pastors and have a testimony attesting to their spiritual integrity, devotions, and gifting will be considered. Students may apply at any stage of their LFBI education.

Ep 197: 2 Peter 1, Partaking of Christ's Divine Nature, Part 2

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Justin Trotter of Callie Harbin Baptist Church in Villa Rica, GA comes back on the show today to continue Bible study in 2 Peter 1 with Brandon Briscoe, the Provost of the Living Faith Bible Institute. 

Last week, we looked at what it means to grow in faith, virtue, knowledge, and temperance. This time we look at the last four characteristics the disciple of Christ is called to mature in: patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and charity. 



Ep 196: 2 Peter 1, Partaking of Christ's Divine Nature, Part 1

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2 Peter 1 presents seven things the believer needs to add to their faith in order to mature in Christlike thought, behavior, and speech. The promise of Scripture is that if these seven things are applied properly, the believer will grow in fruitfulness, a relationship with Christ now, and an abundant entrance into His kingdom in the future (2 Peter 1:8-11). 

Justin Trotter of Callie Harbin Baptist Church in Villa Rica, GA joins us today to walk through this passage, expounding what it means to grow in faith, virtue, knowledge, and temperance. 

We examine these key components to fruitfully and faithfully living out the Christian life God has purposed for us as believers. In the next episode, we will walk through the last few things in this 2 Peter 1 list that the believer needs to add to their faith in order to receive a full reward at the judgement seat of Christ.



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