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Thanksgiving Break!

by Registrar @LFBI -

Good morning LFBI Students!

Just a reminder that this upcoming weekend, we will not have LFBI. We are off for Thanksgiving Break. Don't forget to complete your Week 13 content and quiz by November 28th @ 11:59 pm CST though! 

Enjoy your week off!

Episode 143: Becoming a Good Student

by Registrar @LFBI -

Youth pastor and Living Faith Bible Institute Professor Jeff Grasher comes on the show to share testimonies and tips on how to build successful student habits. We address the need to directly apply biblical knowledge in the context of ministry and life. We then briefly cover being organized, planned and having a bit of grit in approaching personal study and growth. As an institution, LFBI desires to see students take their studies seriously. Jeff takes time to share how knowing your “why” as a Bible student will drive you forward to finish strong with greater purpose in order to multiply ministry.


 Also take some time to check out the Ps+ Series on why the Authorized Version is God's word in English. +46: The KJV Part 16

Episode 142: Dealing with Grief and Loss

by Registrar @LFBI -

In this episode of the Postscript, we sit down with Professor of Biblical Counseling Jonathan Kindler to discuss what it looks like to deal with loss and grief in a biblical manner. Grief is a universal experience, but not everyone walks through emotional pain in a way that is healthy. Jonathan shares with us how to identify grief in our life as well as to acknowledge if we have failed to grieve in a biblical way. He also provides steps with how to handle our grief as it rises up, sometimes in unexpected ways.  




Purchase A Path Well Lit: A Theology & Philosophy of Biblical Counseling

Ep. 141: Witchcraft, Divination & Demonology

by Registrar @LFBI -

We sit down with LFBI President Pastor Sam Miles for our second episode on the topic of demonology. We discuss the ways in which evil spirits manifest themselves in our world and in the lives of people. We define words like witchcraft, necromancy, soothsaying, and divination to frame the many different ways in which people invite and engage with demonic powers. Sam also shares with us his personal experiences with divination and provides a warning for believers as it concerns making provision for evil in our life.


Check out last weeks episode of The Postscript Short

Update your LFBI Student Profile!

by Romeo Bagunu (Manager) -

Hello LFBI Students!

This is a friendly reminder to take a moment to update your LFBI profile. It's important to keep your information up to date, so please watchh the video below for a quick tutorial:

How to Update Your Profile:

(1) Upload a profile picture and update your contact information here:

(2) Add a personal description and your home church to your MyLFBI Profile here:

You may also click here for a step-by-step PDF tutorial.

If you have any questions or are in need of technical assistance, please contact me at

Thanks, and have a great semester!


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