Fall Surveys and Summer Courses

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Hello Students,

Thank you for another wonderful spring semester. Our team spent a lot of energy adding new curriculum, building new policies, and providing more resources over the last semester. Please help us continue to assess what we are doing well and the areas we can continue to improve by taking your course surveys, linked in the last week of each class.

Also, we are just one day away from the beginning of the "self-paced" summer semester. Check out the course line-up here. Students love summer classes because they are so flexible. You have another week to enroll if needed, but don't drag your feet - some of these classes have size limits. 

God Bless and enjoy the beautiful spring weather,


Ep 193: What to do with Anger & Resentment

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As far as psychology is concerned, anger is perhaps the most complex and least understood human emotion. We know that anger is necessary. It's an emotion that gives us drive, it makes us competitive, and it motivates us to overcome tough situations. We know that anger can also cause turmoil. It can be explosive and cause destruction in our families, our relationships, our workplaces, and even in our churches. So how do we know when anger is appropriate or inappropriate? How should we carry anger? How should we respond to it when we feel it boiling up? How do we know when we should express anger outwardly or deal with it internally? We’ll answer these questions and many more on today’s show.

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Episode 192: Expositional Leadership and Effective Pulpit Ministry

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It is difficult for the pastor to meet the needs of the church. Pastors can be exceptionally busy with the affairs of the church — staff meetings, counseling, setting the budget; making sure the building is safe, clean and ready; and of course the work of prayer, study, and preaching. But has the church created a culture that unnecessarily differentiates between the leadership of the pulpit and the leadership of day-to-day ministry? What if pastors learned to lead more effectively from within the pulpit ministry? What if church members were encouraged to take heed of the doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction they received from their pastor every Sunday? Could better expositional leadership impact the maturity and trajectory of the church and preserve ministry resources?

On today’s episode, we have invited Dr. Scott Pace, provost of the College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and Jim Shaddix have recently authored a book called Expositional Leadership: Shepherding God’s People from the Pulpit. We have invited Scott on the show to share some principles for preaching that will help pastors and leaders better address the needs of their church and encourage them in the work of discipleship.

Ep. 191: Horvaths to Hungary, Learning the Culture & Three Years of Church Planting

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Graduate of Living Faith Bible Institute, church planter, and missionary Kale Horvath, joins us again to give an update on the new church plant growth in Budapest, Hungary, including personal testimonies from the first few years on the mission field. 

 Kale moved his family to Budapest, Hungary as missionaries in December of 2020, in the middle of Covid quarantines (lockdowns). Kale shares what challenges they faced, including: landing during a pandemic, getting a visa during the shutdown, learning a new (foreign) language, preaching with a Hungarian Bible to people of Hungarian culture, praying for & finding a church building, learning to effectively evangelize in a new culture and finding schools and education for Kale and Brooke’s children. 

Kale walks us through how the Living Faith Bible Institute and ministry service in his local church (youth pastoring) built him into a minister ready for missions work. He served on staff at First Baptist Church as the youth pastor from 2015-2019. Kale and Brooke first visited Hungary in 2014, and returned annually until moving to Budapest in 2020. 

Kale & Brooke have ministered through short trips in Hungary since 2014 through summer camps for kids and sharing the gospel. By the end of 2023 into early January, the Horvath’s had officially planted Zuglói Biblia Gyülekezet (Zugló Bible Church) in the fourteenth district of Budapest, Hungary.

Finally, Kale gives a glimpse into a book he is authoring which is meant to help those who are deconstructing or have deconstructed their faith. In the book, he gives the biblical handles a believer needs to actively engage in faith and grow closer to God and his people.

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