How do you quote scripture in your LFBI essays?

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We have had a few questions regarding the expectations for quoting scripture in the LFBI essays. Here are some of the standards that we ask that you to adhere to. Moving forward these requirements will also be in the descriptions of all "writing assignments". Watch the video to help guide you....

  • Biblical references that are quoted DO NOT count toward the overall minimum length of an essay - nor should biblical quotations increase the overall length of the essay by more than 20%.
  • Quotations SHOULD NOT exceed more than 20% of the essay.
  • Biblical citations DO NOT count toward number of citations or sources required for the assignment (endnotes/footnotes)
  • Preferably, biblical references will be made at the end of a sentence in parentheses, ie. "(Mat 3:15)."


Ep. 171 The Great Debate: Does God Exist?

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In February of 1996 the Kansas University Debate Team sponsored a debate on the existence of God. The lecture hall was packed with 850 students in attendance to hear Pastor Alan Shelby debate with Dr. Gordon Stein.

Dr. Stein was one of America’s foremost scholars of atheism. He served as the editor of the American Rationalist, a secular humanist journal, as well as Free Inquiry magazine. He was also the librarian of the Center for Inquiry, which houses the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Dr. Stein had written seven books on atheist history and philosophy, including a well known pamphlet titled “How to Argue with a Theist and Win.”

At the time, Pastor Shelby, now dean of the Living Faith Bible Institute, was serving as the college and young adults pastor at Kansas City Baptist Temple.

This week on the Postscript, we have the privilege of sharing with you a remastered recording of that 1996 debate.



LFBI Tips & Reminders

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Hey Students,

We are two weeks in to the semester and we are hitting out stride. There are a few things we want to remind you of as we set our pace...

  • NO CLASSES this week due to Labor Day.
  • If you have not purchased your required reading for the semester - get on it!
  • Make sure you are scheduling time each week to listen to your lecture, take your quiz, read, and prepare for your assessments. If it helps, form a study group to hold you accountable.
  • Stay up to date with all the LFBI and LFF news by following us on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Check out this episode of the Postscript on "Becoming a Good Student"



Ep 170: The Problem with Contemplative Prayer

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Ep. 170: One of the greatest deficiencies in American Christianity is genuine prayerfulness, a failure to acknowledge a very real need to commune and communicate with God. It is clear in Scripture that the discipline of prayer is critical to the health of the believer but also the mission of God and how He responds to us as we speak with Him. In an effort to cultivate a culture of prayer in the Church, many theologians have written extensively on the subject of calling on the Lord in prayer. They have advocated and promoted churches and people turning to the Lord in the work of prayer. With that said, there are many theologians who have advocated for what is called "contemplative prayer," a form of prayer that focuses on the emptying of the conscious mind and on embracing the mystery of God.  

 We have invited President of Living Faith Bible Institute, Sam Miles to discuss this approach to prayer and to respond to concepts authored by Richard Rohr, AJ Sherrill, Tyler Staton, Carl Jung and Sue Monk Kidd. Today we will be asking: What problems are there with contemplative or centering prayer? Does it honestly reflect prayer what the Bible says about prayer? 



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Preparing for the Fall Semester

by Registrar @LFBI -

Hello Fall Semester Students,

Just a reminder you still have time to enroll for classes - - but they sure are filling fast. We are on pace for our largest semester yet. We are so thankful for all that God is doing. There are a few things that we highly recommend as you prepare for the semester...

  • If you haven't yet updated your student profile, take the time to get that done - including a recent photo so that our teachers can put a face to your work. You can access a step-by-step guide and video here.
  • If you struggle with communication, it may be wise to take the time and forward your student email to your personal email so that you don't miss any of the communication from your instructor or teacher's assistant. A tutorial for setting this up is available here.
  • Review your syllabus as soon possible and begin strategizing about when to do your assignments.
  • Make sure you purchase your required reading as soon as possible - don't wait to begin your reading. Students who procrastinate never do as well.

We hope you have a wonderful semester and please reach out to your TA if you have any questions about the course material.

God Bless,

The LFBI Team

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