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Mid-semester check in

by Registrar @LFBI -

Hello Students,

Just a reminder that we are getting ready for week 8, which means you're halfway through the semester! Don't forget to double check your due dates for assignments. Many of you will have midterms next week, others of you have mid-semester journals and projects due. The key is staying organized and prepared.

We are praying for you and we are confident that God will continue teaching you as you continue moving forward.

If you have any needs or questions, please make sure to reach out to your teacher's assistant.


The LFBI Team 

Ep 99: Leadership Principles from II Samuel

by Registrar @LFBI -

In this episode with pastor & LFBI professor Kenny Morgan we discuss leadership principles from II Samuel, making a special announcement on behalf of LFBooks.



Visit to see our library of published books devoted to expositing Scripture for practical use in ministry.

Also, check out +29 of the Postscript - A Devotional Look at Fear

Episode 98: Fear, Anxiety & Finding Confidence in the Lord

by Registrar @LFBI -

In this episode with LFBI professor & professional counsellor Jon Kindler we address several key questions on the topic of fear — What is its place in our life? Is there a spiritual component to fear? What are the broken mechanisms we use to cope with fear in the flesh that always fail in time? What happens when fear goes unchecked by truth? In this episode we get a perspective from God's Word.



Updated Maintenance on myLFBI

by Chris Miller -

UPDATED Maintenance Schedule

myLFBI will be unavailable for site maintenance on Wednesday, 9/29/2021 beginning at 9:00PM CST. The site will become available when the updates are completed.

Episode 97: Raising Teens, Building Trust & Granting Autonomy

by Registrar @LFBI -

In this episode with Pastor Kenny Morgan, we discuss what it looks like to raise teens in the nurture & admonition of the Lord. Kenny shares from his own experience & answers questions relating to character-building & granting autonomy as a teen matures. 



Don't forget to stay on top of your homework this week!

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