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Fall '22 Course Offerings

by Registrar @LFBI -

Hello Students,

The fall semester starts on August 20th which is right around the corner. This semester is our largest number of course offerings yet with several brand-new classes. Check out the line-up and enroll today!

Freshman Orientation FOUNDATIONS // 2 credit hours
Foundations 1 FOUNDATIONS // 2 credit hours
Foundations 2 FOUNDATIONS // 2 credit hours
Foundations 3 FOUNDATIONS // 2 credit hours
Acts of The Apostles BIBLE ESSENTIALS // 2 credit hours
Letter to the Romans BIBLE ESSENTIALS // 2 credit hours
Introduction to Old Testament 1 BIBLE ESSENTIALS // 2 credit hours
Introduction to New Testament 1 BIBLE ESSENTIALS // 2 credit hours
Introduction to Biblical Counseling LEADERSHIP PREP // 2 credits
1 Corinthians LEADERSHIP PREP // 2 credit hours
World Religions & Cults ELECTIVE // 1 credit
Life of Paul ELECTIVE // 2 credit hours
9 Principles of Ministry ELECTIVE // 1 credit hour
Missions 2 ELECTIVE // 1 credit hour
Fundaciones 2 / Solo Online FUNDACIONES // 2 CREDITOS 
Fundaciones 3 / Solo Online FUNDACIONES // 2 CREDITOS
Siervos y Lideres ELECTIVE // 1 credit hour

Listen to an overview of all the classes for the fall semester on the Ps+

Episode 133: Identity, Truth & Vishal Mangalwadi

by Registrar @LFBI -

Vishal Mangalwadi is a world-renowned Christian philosopher and author of over 20 books, including “This Book Changed Everything: The Bible’s Amazing Impact on Our World.” In this episode, Vishal shares his testimony of coming to faith in Jesus after an earnest search for absolute truth in both religion and philosophy. 

In this search for truth, Vishal came to the realization that modern philosophical skepticism in the West had only reached what Siddhārtha Gautama (The Buddha) had taught more than 2,000 years earlier. 

In this episode, Vishal traces the history of skeptical thought from east to west from influential individuals like Buddha, David Hume, and even Kurt Cobain. Vishal demonstrates how genuine hope, purpose, and progress can only come to a person or nation that remains rooted in truth. 

Vishal shows us where fatalist and relativistic thought lead to and why the West will never see lasting fruit outside of the absolute truth that mankind was created in God's image, lost that image by sin, and can only regain it through a real relationship with the Creator, Jesus Christ. 

Can we know truth? Can we trust the Bible? These are questions we find answers to in this episode of The Postscript. 


Visit and enroll for fall classes today.

System Maintenance - 8/3/2022 10:00PM CST

by Chris Miller -

On Wednesday, 8/3/22, at 10:00PM CST, will be undergoing system maintenance. During this maintenance, the site will not be available. Once complete, site operation will be restored. Thank you.

Ep 132: A Model for Children’s Ministry & Cultivating Godly Character

by Registrar @LFBI -

We sit down with pastor Beau Green of Maple City Baptist Church in Monmouth, Illinois to discuss his book titled Under Construction: How to Build a Children’s Ministry. Beau shares from the Word of God and experience how to grow a healthy children’s ministry, effectively relaying a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ through His Word to next generations. He also shares his heart on the value of working with kids and what it looks like to give them the best of resources God has entrusted to us. Finally, we take some time to discuss hurdles to working with youth and biblical solutions to overcome those issues. 


Purchase Under Construction: How to Build a Children’s Ministry at 


Ep 131: The Realities of Implementing Discipleship & Trees Take Time

by Registrar @LFBI -

Episode 131: Pastor Dan Reneau, professor at Living Faith Bible Institute, recounts the process of Living Faith Lee’s Summit growing from a Bible study to a local church plant sent out from Midtown Baptist Temple. He shares what it has been like to trust the Lord to implement biblical discipleship in a new location with new people as well as what he has learned over these initial years. Dan offers some firsthand advice to church-planters and those who are considering being part of a sent team. 




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