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Ep 150: The Problem with Andy Stanley

by Registrar @LFBI -

Despite being raised within a traditional baptistic theology, Pastor Andy Stanley of North Point Community Church has made many statements that depart from a simple faith in the Bible. 

In this episode we examine Stanley’s confusing pronouncements about Scripture and uncover how he is leading Christians away from fundamental Christian doctrine by presenting a view of faith that emphasizes anthropological and historical perspectives. In other words, Stanley adopts a skeptical approach to scripture in order to revise his evangelical faith and make it palatable to an enlightened postmodern audience. In place of Biblical authority, Pastor Stanley leads by cult of personality.

Also, join us on the Postscript Shorts as we interview recent LFBI graduate, Blade Sbisa. He shares about his upbringing, testimony of salvation and how he is serving in ministry at Living Faith Lee’s Summit. 

Lastly, the Ps+ series on the KJV wrapped up this last week. Check it out here.

End of Semester Survey

by Registrar @LFBI -

Hey Everyone,

LFBI is always looking to discover what our strengths and weaknesses are as a school and as instructors. Student input is always valued - - we want to hear what you "liked" or "disliked" about the courses you took last semester.

If you haven't already done so, please take just a minute or two to visit week 16 of your fall classes and fill out the anonymous survey.

Thank you!

P.S. If you are not yet following LFBI on Facebook and Instagram - take a moment to follow us in order to hear about all the great events and information coming out of the school.

Episode 149: The Anabaptists & A Heritage of Biblical Discipleship

by Registrar @LFBI -

 We continue our church history series with Pastor Greg Axe of Crest Bible Church, who is also the professor of Church History at Living Faith Bible Institute. Greg is the author of Church History: A Biblical Perspective, which can be found on Amazon.

Today we discuss the Anabaptists of the 16th century, their origins, doctrines, culture, and their legacy of biblical discipleship.


Check out the full archive of The Postscript here or on all major podcast platforms.

Israel Trip 2023

by Registrar @LFBI -

Hello LFBI Students!

For those of you interested in going on the Isarel Trip at the end of this year, please know that the trip tickets have been secured, but there is currently a limited amount of people signed up. If you are for sure hoping to go on this trip, please contact Deb Molder TODAY to let her know. Her email is  

For those local to Kansas City, the trip will be taking off from MCI, so it will be convenient for those of you in KC. 

Ep 148: A Heart to Submit to the God of the Bible

by Registrar @LFBI -

Randy Copeland of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Moulton, AL joins us for a conversation on spiritual authority and accountability to the Word of God in the church. Randy shares his testimony of salvation and how he was called to pastoral ministry. He explains how repentance from a heart posture of rebellion to one of submission to Christ and His Word completely changed his life and freed him to prefer others over himself. We discuss what a right attitude toward God ordained authority looks like. Lastly, we discuss the worthiness and exaltation of Jesus Christ in the context of Spirit-led unity.



There is is still time to enroll for Spring classes - visit

Also, if you haven't been following the Ps+ series on the King James Bible, check it out!
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