Postscript Ep 176: The Fallacy of Replacement Theology & the Dangers of Anti-Zionism

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In today’s episode with Pastor Sam Miles, president of Living Faith Bible Institute, we discuss the definitions and errors of Supersessionism (otherwise called Replacement Theology or Fulfillment Theology) and Covenant Theology. We also look at how redefinition of Scriptural terms by these groups ignores literal dispensations of God’s dealings with humanity in Scripture and His promises to specific audiences. This man-made hermeneutic along with made-up covenants gives way to an allegorical approach to God’s Word where the nation of “Israel” is changed to “the Church.” This conflation of God’s promises to Israel with God’s promises to the church, unfortunately results in an anti-zionist attitude as exemplified in the writings and actions of the most famous Church Fathers all the way down through history to today.



An Overview of Biblical Preservation & the Authorized Version

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Hello Student,

In this extra-longform edition of the Postscript, we compile a series of Ps+ episodes where Van Sneed guides a tour of history, doctrine, and personal application regarding the preservation of God’s Word and its culmination in the English King James Version of the Bible.

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Graduation Application Deadline - Dec 1st

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Hello LFBI Students,

December 28th at 7pm CST, during Mission Focus Conference, we will be honoring the Living Faith Bible Institutes graduating class of 2023.

If you believe you are nearing the 60 credit hours required for graduation, please make sure to complete the Graduation Form to have your credits reviewed and approved in time for graduation. All graduation forms must be submitted by Dec. 1st by 11:59pm CST.

If you have further questions, please reach out to the Student Advisory Department.

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Spring Enrollment 2024 is now open

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Postscript Ep 175: Unknown Missionary Peter Waldo & the Waldensians

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 Pastor and professor of missiology James Fyffe returns to continue our “Unknown Missionary” series. This time we discuss the history of the Waldensians, an Italian group of mission-minded Bible believers severely persecuted for their faith. We cover their core doctrines, methods of evangelism and legacy which included a church-planting movement spanning 400 years.


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