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Summer courses start Saturday - get ahead on your studies!

by Registrar @LFBI -

Flexible learning for summer schedules. Self-pace courses allow you to complete all lectures and assignments within a twelve week window as you have time. Classes open on May 28th and all work, in all classes, must be completed and submitted by August 6th at 11:59pm CST.

Short #2: Larry Nguyen

by Registrar @LFBI -

 Living Faith Bible Institute student Larry Nguyen shares his testimony of coming to faith in Jesus. He also tells us what it was like growing up in the Northeast, a diverse neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. Lastly, he shares what God has done in family members’ lives as an answer to prayer in addition to how God is preparing him for next steps in leadership in Friends of Internationals ministry at Midtown Baptist Temple. 




Episode 125: The Objectives of Real Discipleship

by Registrar @LFBI -

We sit down with the Chair of Foundations at LFBI Kenny Morgan to discuss what it takes to establish a philosophy of biblical discipleship in the local church. Kenny defines four goals from the New Testament that are present in an authentic disciple of Jesus Christ: Establishment in true worship, the Word of God, the local church, and the ministry. We close with what it looks like for a pastor to envision, implement and grow a culture of discipleship within their church. 


Finishing LFBI Spring Semester Strong!

by Registrar @LFBI -

Hello Everyone,

We want to take a moment to remind you to finish your semester strong; please take time to finish up your final lectures and quizzes, submit assignments and take finals. If you have questions about the class or assignments, please make sure to contact your TA.

Also, please make sure to complete your end of semester survey to help us learn how to better present course content.

We have come so far and worked so hard, let's ensure our grades match our desire to learn God's word!

God Bless!

P.S. Enroll for summer classes.

Episode 124: Apologetics, Listening & Asking the Right Questions

by Registrar @LFBI -

This week, we talk apologetics with Living Faith Bible Institute Professor Tony Godfrey. As believers, many of us acknowledge our need to share and defend our faith, but few of us feel capable. Learning an approach to and the philosophy behind our apologetic is important to engaging the lost. This episode, we discuss that philosophy, learning some skills for sharing our faith and standing firm on the authority of God's word.



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