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Episode 139: Unknown Missionary Henry Nott

by Registrar @LFBI -

We continue our unknown missionary series with pastor and Living Faith Bible Institute professor of missiology James Fyffe. This time we discuss Henry Nott, who was born in 1774 in Britain. Beginning as a brick-layer apprentice, he soon turned to missions after hearing William Carey preach on the need for the gospel to be preached among the nations. Henry went with a small team to Tahiti and faced perils and opposition unique to the tribal culture he ministered within. After years of difficulty and persistenly preaching the gospel, there was a great revival in Tahiti as one after another gave their lives to Christ, including the king of the island. 


Episode 138: The Biblical Principle of Intended Audience

by Registrar @LFBI -

 When studying the Bible there are many principles that help us to effectively study and understand it literally. In this episode we discuss the relationship between speaker and audience when establishing context within scripture.

We also briefly touch on the danger of allegorizing things that are not intended to be allegory and misinterpreting allegory as though it’s literal. We see how soteriology and eschatology are affected negatively by not taking clear Bible distinctions seriously.

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Episode 137: Worship According to Scripture & Certainty

by Registrar @LFBI -

Troy Stogsdill, lead pastor of First Baptist Church in New Philadelphia, OH joins us to announce the Living Faith Fellowship Certainty Conference (Oct. 2-5). We hear Troy's testimony of salvation, how he became a pastor and a few reasons on why believers should tune in for the Certainty Conference this year. 

The key speaker will be Pastor Kenny Morgan, discipleship pastor at Midtown Baptist Temple in Kansas City, MO and chair of the Foundations program at the Living Faith Bible Institute. Guest speakers for the morning sessions will include Pastor Alan Shelby of Harvest Baptist Church in Blue Springs, MO and dean of the Living Faith Bible Institute as well as Pastor Steve Charette of First Bible Baptist Church of Gardner, MA.  




Have you listened to the Postscript Shorts yet?

by Registrar @LFBI -
Every other week the Postscript shares an interview with one of your fellows students about their testimony of salvation and how God is using them in ministry. This week we interviewed John Scott of Northside Baptist Church of Columbus, Ohio. Listen as he shares about how God is using LFBI and how he came to a place where he discovered that God was calling him to children's ministry.


System Maintenance, 9/3/2022 at 9:00PM CST

by Chris Miller -

On Saturday, 9/3/22, at 9:00PM CST, will be undergoing system maintenance. During this maintenance, the site will not be available. Once complete, site operation will be restored. Thank you.

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